Suxin Pilates Yoga | yoga training class is about to start! The 2022 autumn class opened on September 13, and now it is hot to sign up..

Want time to be free? Want a high salary and good health? Want to choose a second skill career with development prospects? Choose me to be a yoga teacher! Healthy, fashionable, perfect and elegant! The older you get, the more attractive you are! No matter whether I am engaged in the yoga industry in the future, I will learn a yoga instructor class! Because, when you start yoga, your age is fixed at that time! A yoga teaching and training class can not only master the skills and methods of self-help practice, but also quickly improve physical fitness, shape posture and benefit for life.

It can also bring safe practice methods to family members.

You can earn more in your spare time! We will have a perfect curve, shape and body, constantly improve our temperament and self-confidence, and we will have a job skill that allows us more time and freedom to eliminate worries and dryness, and a beautiful and healthy career all our life.

Teacher profile: Mr.

Tao Tao has been certified as a senior tutor of the international Yoga Union College and has been engaged in the yoga industry for more than eight years.

He has followed internationally famous tutors to learn Iyengar precise positioning, Pilates large equipment, Yin Yoga, private physical therapy yoga, postpartum repair, Weimi body carving, weight-loss training camp, hip and leg beautifying, air yoga, mat Pilates, aerobic fat burning, slimming, round yoga, big and small ball yoga, bone setting rehabilitation physiotherapy, Elegant body etiquette and so on…

The teacher’s teaching is easy to understand, practical and long-term teaching experience makes the posture, password and key points more accurate and skilled, so that you can learn how to train scientifically and get safe and effective solutions through accurate and effective assessment.

Features of Yoga course Preview: guided by Iyengar system, each individual is safe and accurate, so that you can avoid detours.

Harvest: 1.

The correct way and method of opening the body; 2.

Development of small muscle groups; 3.

Association between postures, association between postures and body; 4.

How the asanas act on the body to achieve the best balance; 5.

Correct bad posture; 6.

How to physiotherapy common physical problems through yoga practice.

Learning contents: 1.

Yoga human physiology, yoga nutrition 2.

History of Yoga 3.

Explanation of Yoga chakras, yoga eight sticks (Yoga Sutra) 4.

Breath regulation and meditation 5.

Yoga breath control 6.

Bandha and congruence 7.

Cleansing bowel detoxification 8.

Yoga class scheduling method, yoga relaxation and rest 9.

High temperature Yoga 10.

Learning more than 200 junior high school advanced postures and variants 11.

Deep decomposition and key exercises of each postural 12.

Correct practice methods of postures, Correction methods 13.

Lead to break through the bottleneck of asana 14.

Targeted weak training 15.

Training guide words and class skills 16.

Hatha, Flow Yoga arrangement skills 17.

Asana arrangement sequence skills 18.

Yoga instructor’s code of conduct 19.

Future development planning course original price: 19800 yuan now special price: 9800 yuan (including certificates and three refresher trainings) Tel: Tao Tao: 1365255206 (same as wechat) yoga hall address: Room 101, building 1, building 7, Shuian, Wandi art world, Dongguan (next to Yinlong bridge) training start time: Spring class in 2022 class: full time day class, evening class, weekend class (three classes are optional, three classes are universal) to meet your diverse learning time, three free retraining sessions within two years until you learn.

Our certificate: class tidbits are suitable for you who want to change careers and develop into the yoga industry; Suitable for you who want to have more career development; It is suitable for you who encounter bottlenecks in teaching and want to improve; Suitable for you who want to deeply understand the essence of yoga and improve your temperament; Suitable for you who want to improve your physical fitness and immune function; Long press the identification QR code to add teacher wechat..

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