Youlan Yoga Sharing Cultural Space Activities Entered the University for the Elderly

The second “quality culture” venture capital competition of the 2022 Dongguan “Cultural Year of Excellence” was held in Fenggang Town Cultural Museum.

The theme of this activity: “Yoga teaching – improving sleep”.

Youlan Yoga’s own teachers, Lianmei and Luo Qian, led us to practice together.

The pace of life of people is getting faster and faster.

No matter students or office workers, they generally live a life of 996.

They get up early and go to work every day, for the future and for the salary.

Most people will sit in one position for a long time and keep still, which will slowly lead to large belly, small thick legs, and a long-term lack of exercise, which will easily make our body in a very tired sub-health state.

At this time, we can do yoga properly, which can not only improve the above problems, but also cultivate our body and mind, relieve stress, and improve our sleep quality.

Because yoga is not very intense, it belongs to a relatively gentle way of exercise.

Even novices can adapt well.

Long term yoga practice can make our body more flexible, help adjust our mentality and improve our sleep quality.

The study found that people who persist in yoga will look more temperament, more cheerful, and more positive towards people and things.

Luo Qian, teacher Lian Mei, senior private teacher of Fenggang Youlan Yoga/senior teacher of Pilates/many people often complain that yoga has no effect through yoga.

It is likely that your actions are not standardized in the training process.

Every action is perfunctory, and you cheat yourself, thus cheating on fat.

Therefore, once we start fitness training, we must achieve every movement standard.

During the activity, everyone enthusiastically participated and actively asked questions.

They all said that the content shared by Youlan Yoga was easy to understand and very practical, which deepened our understanding of the fitness industry, provided new knowledge for correct exercise and body in the future, and enabled more elderly people to sleep better through yoga practice!..

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