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Simple and beautiful yoga movements

Now more and more people choose to practice yoga.

Here are the simple and beautiful yoga moves brought by Xiaobian.

Let’s have a look.

Simple and beautiful Yoga action 1.

Bridge step 1.

Lie flat on the ground, bend your knees, separate your feet the same width as your shoulders, place them under your hips, put your heels close to your hips, and your lower legs are perpendicular to the ground; 2.

Put both hands naturally on both sides of the body with the palm down; 3.

Exhale and feel your back close to the ground; 4.

Inhale, lift your hips up with your feet and try to lift them up when you feel comfortable.

You can also help your body lift up with your hands; 5.

Keep this action for 30 seconds – 1 minute and recover.


Pyramid step 1.

Stand based on mountain pose; 2.

Let your feet take a step forward; 3.

Turn your left foot 45 degrees and feel you standing firmly on the ground; If you feel unstable, adjust your standing posture until you stand firm; 4.

Bend your body forward, lift your hips up, keep your back straight, and keep your left heel close to the ground; 5.

Stretch your back, head down, and relax your head and neck.


Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Restore, repeat the other side.


Eagle step 1.

Take mountain pose as the basic posture; 2.

Inhale, lift your arms at the same height as your shoulders, exhale, and pay attention to keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed; 3.

Put your left elbow on your right elbow; 4.

Surround your right forearm with your left hand, close your palm and point your fingers to the ceiling; 5.

Bend your knees slightly to transfer the weight of your body to your left foot; 6.

Let your right foot surround your left leg from above your left knee, and hook your left leg with the tip of your right foot; 7.

Look up at the ceiling and relax your eyes and face; 8.

Keep this action for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and then resume mountain pose; 9.

Repeat the other side.


plough step 1.

Take the shoulder standing as the basic posture; 2.

Exhale, let your teacher slowly cross your head, and pay attention to straightening your legs; 3.

Bend your knees slightly and let your toes touch the ground; 4.

Stretch your feet outward, but keep your toes touching the ground and your legs straight; 5.

Put your hands naturally on both sides of your body with the palms down; 6.

Feel the extension of the arm by exerting force through the fingertips; 7.

Hold this position for about 1 minute and return to shoulder standing or body spreading posture.


step 1: kneel on the ground and put your hands straight on the ground; 2.

Stand on tiptoe and prepare to stretch upward; 3.

Exhale, lift your hips and straighten your legs slowly; 4.

Exhale, let the body weight return to your legs, and keep your heels close to the ground; 5.

Relax your head and neck, press your upper body down and stretch your arms and back; 6.

Keep this action for 1-3 minutes, and then recover slowly.


shoulder standing step 1.

Lie flat on the ground and double classrooms are built in; 2.

Put your hands on both sides of your body with palms down; 3.

Press the ground with both hands and lift the legs at 90 degrees to the ground; 4.

Lift your hips and slowly let your back off the ground; 5.

Bend your elbows, put your hands under your back, and support your body with your hands against your back; 6.

Move your shoulders and keep your arms as close as possible; 7.

Keep your back and legs as straight as possible; 8.

Relax your neck and shoulders 9.

Hold this position for 30 seconds to 3 minutes.


What do yoga practitioners eat for dinner? Yoga divides the food into three categories: pleasant food, inert food and transgender food.


Pleasant foods include fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, Cereals, honey and milk.

These natural unprocessed foods can make the body and mind pure, pleasant and full of vitality.

Promote body metabolism, prevent blood acidification and reduce toxin accumulation.


Inert food includes meat and egg food, processed cooked and rotten food, fried and baked food, rotten and stale food, frozen food, canned, sausage and other food containing preservatives, pickled and smoked food.

Inert food will produce many toxins in the human body, which is easy to make people lazy.

It also makes the blood unclean and acidified, easy to get sick, easy to get cancer, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Breast enhancement Yoga breast enhancement effect is good.


Mountain style 1.

Stand straight, bend down, and clasp your fingers behind your legs.


Gently push your chest to the front of your body, tilt your head back, and keep breathing regularly for about 3 seconds.


Bend your legs slightly, straighten your chest more forward, and touch your knees with your head as much as possible.

Efficacy: This set of actions can promote chest blood circulation and stimulate chest development.

Note: move slowly to avoid pulling the muscles and bones of the legs.


Eagle pose 1.

Stand naturally with your feet together and your arms drooping naturally.


Lift the left leg, fold the left leg in front of the right leg, bend the knee of the right leg, bypass the rear side of the right leg, and hook the left thumb around the ankle of the right foot.


Stretch your arms forward, above the left arm and below the right arm, surround your arms, face each other, raise your arms as high as possible, and Practice on the other side after holding for 1 minute.

Efficacy: This set of movements can exercise the lower legs and improve the chest line.


left right ten pose 1.

Stand upright, put your hands together, inhale gently, and slowly raise your elbows to your chest.


Exhale slowly, close your hands and squeeze them to the inside of your chest as much as possible, lean slightly to the left and hold for 10 seconds.


Restore 1 action, then do the same action on the right side and repeat 10 times on the left and right sides.

Efficacy: This set of actions can stimulate the development of breast, so as to achieve the effect of breast enhancement.

Note: when doing the action, make sure to squeeze your palms inward with force, and keep your hands moderate and balanced with your chest.


camel pose 1.

Kneel on your knees, keep your upper body straight, keep your legs as wide as your shoulders, and keep your hands naturally vertical.


Hold your pelvis back with both hands, tighten your hips, inhale, open your chest, and tilt your head back.


Hold back the soles of your feet with both hands and keep your head tilted back for 30 seconds.


Hold your waist with both hands and straighten up slowly.

Efficacy: This set of actions can help expand the chest and promote blood circulation.


splay 1.

Lie on your back naturally, with your feet open, your legs bent, and your hands splayed above your body.


Use the strength of shoulders and soles of feet to lift the waist off the ground for 5 seconds.


Close your feet slowly and keep your waist in the air for 5 seconds.


Return to the original position and repeat for 3 times.

Efficacy: This set of movements can exercise all parts of the body.

The waist in the air can keep the chest extending outward, which is helpful for breast enhancement…

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