New Yoga Life

Yoga can also regulate the Quzhang, so the effect is better!

With the increasingly fierce social competition, people often have no time to exercise.

For patients with varicose veins, doing exercise will also increase leg pressure.

Xiaobian will share a set of yoga exercises.

It can be completed in ten minutes before going to bed every day, which can exercise and prevent varicose veins.

First of all, we have to understand the benefits of doing yoga: 1.

Yoga can calm down and improve our mood.

Exercise can not only enhance physical resistance and prevent disease risk.


While doing yoga, it can not only maintain perfect leg shape, but also promote leg blood circulation and reduce vascular pressure.

However, this method is only auxiliary.

If you want to cure varicose veins, you can choose the combination of shujingtong to repair the damaged valve, enhance the elasticity of vascular wall, shrink the dilated blood vessels, and effectively restore the raised varicose veins.


Yoga can adjust body functions.

Practicing yoga can keep your body in a good state and make you energetic and energetic.

A set of yoga exercises before going to bed: 1.

Camel leg lifting.

It is also a good choice to practice this action with the help of chair as an auxiliary tool.

It can improve the balance and focus more on the stretching of legs.

During the exercise, first predict the distance from the chair, then kneel on the cushion surface with both knees, the thigh is perpendicular to the lower leg, the instep is close to the ground, the legs are the same width as the hip, hold the hip with both hands, hold the chest and abdomen, after 2-3 deep breaths, lift the right foot and step on the chair handle, hold the chair handle with both hands to maintain physical stability, and the thighs of both legs are in a straight line as far as possible to achieve maximum stretching.


Squatting and praying, keep your feet a distance apart naturally, squatting and standing, lower your hips, bend your upper body, make your abdomen close to your thighs, straighten your back, close your hands in front of your chest, and place your elbows on your knees.

For patients with varicose veins, it is essential to do more moderate exercise appropriately, but the most important thing is to choose effective methods for treatment in time, and don’t delay the condition! (are you still bothered by varicose veins? If you want to repair varicose veins and get methods to regulate varicose veins, you can identify the QR code below and consult yourself in detail!)..

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