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Why should asanas be named after animals when practicing yoga?

In yoga class, cat pose, cow pose, cobra pose…

When the yoga teacher calls out these poses, are you in a trance in the zoo? Have you ever wondered why yoga poses should be named after animals? Ancient yogis found that although animals are in a dangerous nature and can become dinner for fierce animals at any time, they will not get sick, will not be depressed and are still breeding.

The secret is that they can release emotions and tensions through hormonal changes in the body.

This gave great inspiration to ancient yogis, so they imitated the animals around them and created many yoga postures, hoping to balance their emotions and relieve stress.

Here are some yoga poses named after animals, which appear frequently in yoga classes.


Eagle Eagle may be hard to concentrate, but that’s why it can practice concentration better.

Eagle pose is good for shoulders, hips, thighs, lower legs and ankles.


Dolphin dolphin is an often overlooked pose.

It has many advantages.

It can enhance strength and stretch shoulders, upper back and legs.

The strength and flexibility practiced in dolphin style can help in advanced postures, such as forearm handstand.


Cobra pose Cobra pose is suitable for beginners.

This pose imitates the way a snake stands up and attacks.

Cobra is good for the chest, shoulders, spine and hips.


Lizard pose lizard pose helps to open the hip.

If the practitioner’s body is not flexible enough, it can be replaced by a variant.

Lizard style can effectively stretch hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps femoris, relieve low back pain or sciatica, and release tension.


Breaststroke is suitable for practitioners of all ages.

If the intensity is too high, you can try to start with half breaststroke.

Breaststroke has many benefits.

It can relieve lower back pain, massage abdominal organs, improve constipation and so on.


Camel pose camel pose is a difficult backward bending pose, which has a good stretching effect on the whole body and is beneficial to the throat, chest, abdomen, hips and thighs.

Beginners should pay special attention not to look back too much, which is easy to cause dizziness.


Lion roar lion roar combines yoga asana with breath regulation to help release tension and relieve stress.

Lion roar can stimulate the throat wheel, relieve neck pain, stretch facial muscles and open the chest.


Crocodile pose crocodile pose is an easy to do yoga pose that helps to quickly restore body energy.

Crocodile style can relax the whole nervous system, release back tension and relieve pressure.

In the next yoga class, when you encounter these postures, you might as well stand in the perspective of animals and feel the essentials of postures.

Maybe the movements will be more in-depth.

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