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Yoga sharing | Yoga back bend strategy, 7 individual poses to help you achieve the perfect wheel pose!

For Yoga people, in addition to yearning for a beautiful handstand, the perfect wheel is also the dream of many yoga people.

The effect of wheel is also quite comprehensive.

It can strengthen the back muscles, relax the shoulder joints and neck muscles, and keep the spine healthy and flexible.

It can strengthen abdominal muscles, benefit abdominal organs and glands, promote blood circulation, make wrists, ankles and legs stronger, and so on.

But one thing we must pay attention to: the wheel of yoga is very different from the lower waist in peace.

Please don’t take Yoga wheel as an acrobatic or dance action! The lower waist in dance emphasizes softness, the range of movement and the overall beauty.

In order to achieve artistic effect, there will be great sacrifices to the dancer’s body.

The backward bending in yoga is more to start our muscle strength.

It requires not only flexibility, but also the correct force of wrist, arm, chest, shoulder, hip, abdomen and quadriceps femoris.

Let’s take a look at the state of the body in the wheel pose: the foundation of the wheel pose is the soles of the feet and palms, the front side of the body is stretched, the back side of the body is contracted, and the body is close to the center line rather than scattered.

Note that the stretching of the front side of the body and the contraction of the back side of the body are only relative.

You can’t stretch the front side of the body or contract the back side of the body.

So, how can yoga beginners improve the practice of Yoga wheel step by step? We must lay a good foundation! We must lay a good foundation! We must lay a good foundation! Today, Xiaobian has prepared a set of basic exercises for you.

Practice more.

Wheel is not a dream! Never blindly go straight to the wheel to practice.


The soldier stands in a mountain style, with both feet open for a big step, the right foot turns 90 degrees outward, the left foot turns 60 degrees backward, the inner side of the left foot is in a straight line with the heel of the right foot, the hip turns to the right, and the toe of the knee of the right foot is in a straight line; Inhale to extend the spine, lift your hands up over your head, exhale, bend your right knee down, open your chest, bend your body back slightly, keep 5-8 breaths, and change the other side.


Sit and stand in a boat with your legs together, bend your knees close to your hips, tilt your body slightly backward, exhale and lift your legs upward, hold your hands flat in front, slowly straighten your legs and maintain 5-8 breaths.

Boat style is a posture that exercises the core and stability.

The practice of boat style can lay the foundation for the stability of wheel style.


Locust lie prone on the cushion surface, hold your hands behind your body, exhale, raise your head, hold your chest high, your legs back and up, your arms straighten and extend back, your legs close together and tighten, and maintain 5-8 breaths.

Locust style exercises can help open the chest and prepare for the big backward bend of the wheel.


Bow prone, bend your knees close to your hips, grasp your ankles with both hands backward, exhale your lower legs backward and upward, drive your body to extend upward, and maintain 5-8 breaths.

Bow can help further open the chest and effectively extend the front of the legs to prepare for the opening of the front of the wheeled body.


The hero sits on his knees and stands with his legs together, his feet slightly larger than his hips, his hips sit back between his feet, extend his spine upward, put his hands on his thighs and keep breathing for 5-8 hours.

Hero sitting can help open the front of the stiff thighs in preparation for the opening of the front of the wheeled legs.


Supine hero on the premise that the hero sits, you can lie back on the cushion surface, or you can put the Yoga pillow or yoga brick on the back of the body to help maintain 5-8 breaths.

This exercise can help open the front of the legs, abdomen, chest, and almost the front of the whole body to further prepare for the wheel pose.


Lie on the bridge supine on the cushion surface, bend both knees close to the hip, open both feet the same width as the hip, and the lower leg is perpendicular to the cushion surface; Exhale, lift your hips upward, hold your hands back, lift and open your chest, keep 5-8 breaths, and repeat for 2-3 groups.

If you want to get Yoga wheel, you must master the practice of bridge.

It is a very basic practice of wheel.

If you do well in the above basic preparations, you can try the wheel pose.

Remember to do the prosthetic postures such as forward bending after completing the wheel pose, which is better for the waist! If you don’t do the above exercises well enough, it means that the foundation is not strong enough, then practice more.

As long as you keep practicing, yoga will always give you the prize of ready time-.

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