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To learn yoga well, it is very important to understand anatomy!

We all know that doing yoga poses is not just a pose.

Its essence lies in the details and strength of the pose.

The details of the pose are related to the effectiveness of the pose.

The strength point of the pose is equivalent to the key of the pose.

Find the correct strength.

The pose you do is not imitation, so as to achieve a stable balance.

Yoga teachers – no matter how beautiful the pose is, no matter how fluent the password is, and in the face of different physical conditions of members, The same asana, but lack of basic and internal adjustment, the effect is greatly reduced.

Yoga practitioners do not know what is orthostatic practice, do not know how to raise muscle strength to establish perception, and practice is stagnant.

As a qualified yoga teacher or practitioner, it is very important to understand anatomy.

If you master yoga anatomy, you will find that in asana practice, you will have more adjustment ideas, more muscle activation and stability, More bone and joint space, more breathing state, and even emotional perception ~ this time, we have invited Andy Willner, a very professional teacher in this field.

He will use 8 classes to reshape your yoga concept, teach you a comprehensive understanding of muscle structure, explain the interaction between muscle operation and yoga posture, and guide you to reasonably control your body, establish your joint alignment, establish awareness and perceive your body.

Andy willnersoma, the founder of yoga, has a 200 hour basic and 300 hour advanced certification, an animal flow yoga instructor and mindfulness decompression training instructor.

Andy studies with Tom Myers of sports anatomy training (ATIM).

He is good at anatomy and physiology courses and also focuses on sports research related to myofascial meridians.

He was once a national taekwondo champion in Britain.

Since he came into contact with yoga in 2005, he has followed Patrick Creelman and Carlos pomeda (former Swami gitananda) to complete postures and breath regulation training, as well as relevant philosophy courses.

He also has the qualification certificate of physical therapist.

Andy’s class places great emphasis on positivity.

He believes that the consciousness of “positivity” is conducive to reducing the injury in the process of practice to the greatest extent, allowing the body to flow more freely and better relieving the mental pressure.

  👇👇 Elite Course System ✅ Theoretical essence ✅ Asana safety ✅ Positive flow ✅ Practice principles ✅ 8 themes ✅ The intensive promotion course accurately covers people √ teachers who need to deeply understand the principles of yoga √ teachers who need to deeply study Yoga physiotherapy √ yoga and sports rehabilitation practitioners √ groups who need to practice yoga accurately and intensively √ four features of the course.

This course is designed in combination with the characteristics of yoga postures and physiological basis, and aims to help yoga teachers and yoga practitioners understand yoga postures fundamentally through yoga anatomy, Establish a solid foundation for practice and broaden diversified teaching ideas \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\, The main muscles and muscle contraction types involved in asanas analyze the relationship between Yoga asanas and movement, understand the concept of joint alignment, help yoga teachers master the principles, so as to break through asanas and avoid injury # 03 # 8 topics # 300 + min systematic teaching # respiratory dynamics # yoga and spine # skeletal muscle system # understand body functions in the form of fascia chain through the overall structure, Help yoga teachers build a spatial model of yoga and anatomy in their mind.

04 [HD atlas] full color anatomical illustrations and specific anatomical terms let you deeply understand the structure and principle of each action, Understand each action from a new perspective and how the change of a posture can enhance or weaken the effect √ you will get > dry goods √ the most valuable anatomical details √ the connection of specific muscles in response to joint movement √ understand each action from a new perspective √ deeply understand the structure and basic principle of each action √ spine The fundamental connection between breathing and posture ▼ yoga anatomy > intensive lecture series ▼ 8 sets / 300min ▼ intensive lecture by famous teachers of finished large classes + teaching assistant demonstration ■ unlock the mystery of yoga posture ■ respiratory dynamics of yoga and spine # skeletal muscle system # the first limited time and second price of the new class ¥ 99 yuan # click the button below to enter the course, click the following figure and teacher Andy’s 99 yuan to learn the course ▼ of course, as we pursue the effect of 120 points of the course, “Feel good about yourself” is too superficial.

Therefore, in the polishing process of the whole course, we also invited different types of students to experience first, and optimized them according to their opinions.

This is not true.

Those who give priority to tasting the fresh food give their own real evaluation.

The course is really full of dry goods and sincere contents.

If you want to learn yoga anatomy, you must seize this opportunity.

Good teachers + good courses can’t be missed! Click on the figure below to learn the anatomical principle from teacher Andy ▼ after repeated efforts, we got an over value price of 99 yuan / set, limited to one week! If you want to have this professional, rich and systematic series of yoga anatomy, you must start first and recover the original price of 399 if you miss it..

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