The strange image of “female privacy” in the Yoga circle – the quiet world

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The friend said: don’t you think the yoga industry is going backwards now? Compared with more than ten years ago, it seems that there are more patterns, but in fact it is more and more superficial.

I have to say, indeed.

In the past, the pattern of yoga industry has been changed again.

We can understand that this is a form of yoga.

Now we can’t understand it.

Wear gloves as a beauty instrument to talk about 5g intelligence, use tummy rubbing tools to masturbate, and talk about helping Yang.

When the equipment in the gym is moved into the yoga studio, it only talks about women’s shaping…

I have been advocating that there should be no formalism.

Don’t think that a few fixed postures are yoga.

Don’t think that changing a few postures is not yoga.

But it is more important to keep the core of yoga.

The purpose of removing formalism is to get closer to the core.

In fact, the Yoga Sutra does not have too many regulations on the practice form of yoga, but it clearly explains the practice goals (including long-term goals and short-term goals) and the eight branches (eight ways to achieve the goals).

In my opinion, this is the core that we call ourselves yoga teachers and yoga schools.

On this basis, the form can be said to be unimportant.

Take “Fuyang privacy” as an example.

Women are troubled by sexual relations.

It’s certainly no problem to solve them through yoga, but it can’t be solved by teaching a few sexual skills (some of them are not even skills) and how to serve men.

We can turn this into “very yoga”: 1.

Discuss how women should view and understand their own bodies, how to accept their own body characteristics and the differences between them and the opposite sex.

To explore the survival status of women in society—— Yama in yoga is actually discussing the relationship between people, society and others.


Discuss how to form a healthy and stable lifestyle, including diet and sleep—— Niyama in yoga is actually talking about a stable lifestyle, through which natural and spontaneous self-discipline can be formed.


Discuss how to improve the limited body function.

Improve the circulation of abdomen and pelvis, improve the function of pelvis and hip joint, and improve the respiratory function…

Good function brings flexible body.

Flexible body is more interested in and able to explore the body of partner—— This is asana in yoga.

By reducing the limitations of the body, our actions can be more free to follow the heart.


Regulating breathing is actually regulating the energy of the body, including sexual energy.

Through the application of breathing, it is easier to control the rhythm of the whole sexual life—— This is the benefit of pranayama.


Focusing on your body can make your body more sensitive and immerse yourself in anything more deeply—— This is pratyahara in yoga.


Entering the state of concentration is a state of deep integration and unity, which makes sexual activity not only a means to meet physical needs, but also a way to deepen intimacy with partners—— This is the state of dharana, Dhyana, samadhi in yoga.


Don’t forget that niyama in Yoga also contains abstinence.

As an advanced species beyond ordinary animals, besides sex, human beings also have a lot of important social work and many other social relations unrelated to sex.

If they put their value more on their contributions to others in the society, they will not be idle all day thinking about things in their crotch.

Aren’t these angles much more advanced than the simple and crude Fuyang privacy in the market? Some people may say that I really give myself money, but I haven’t posted it yet.

I simply don’t look up to those who, under the banner of “blessing”, explicitly suggest that women should use sex to please their partners.

The disharmony of sexual life is the unilateral cause of women, and all the contradictions between the two sexes are attributed to women’s sexual skills.

As a member of the female community, I feel that they are lowering the ideological level of the female community, lowering the average level of the female community, and I feel that I have been offended and challenged as a female, and even that my image as a practitioner in the yoga industry has been damaged.

Therefore, I must be fierce in words and words.

This also shows that the world has changed.

Women are no longer passively accepted.

Women also have an independent and healthy three outlooks and the right to anger and resistance..

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