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8 entry-level yoga moves, suitable for beginners to practice every day!

For beginners of yoga, the most important thing is to cultivate their interest in practice.

Too difficult asanas will be difficult to complete because they have no foundation, but will lose the confidence to practice yoga.

Then you might as well try these simple actions! These eight movements belong to the basic movements of yoga.

The seemingly simple movements are not simple at all.

During the practice process, if you have any doubts about strength, you can leave a message or consult your professional yoga teacher! 1.

Support your hands on the ground, kneel on your knees, enter the four legged kneeling, inhale, rotate your pelvis forward, lift your chest up and exhale, bow your back with your chest, and look at your navel spine section by section.

Repeat the practice for 10-15 times.


Stand in mountain pose, with your feet together, step on the ground, and the outside of your legs in the middle.

Push your thighs forward and backward, slightly retract the core, expand the collarbone, sink your shoulders, relax the spine extension, and stop for 5-8 breaths.


Enter the magic chair pose from mountain pose, exhale, tighten the core, bend your hips Bend your knees and squat down, stretch your hands over the top of your head and tailbone to the ground, lift the front of your hips to keep the muscles of your legs activated, stop for 5-8 breaths, 4 exit from the magic chair, enter the downward dog pose, push the ground forcefully with your hands, stretch your armpits, push the sitting bone upward, push the front of your thighs back, and slightly retract the core, adjust 5-8 breaths, 5 enter from the downward dog pose, exhale, tighten the core, bend your right leg forward, inhale with your left knee on the ground, extend your spine, and exhale with your hands stretched upward, Tighten the core, lower the hips, relax the shoulders, stop for 5-8 breaths.

6 exit from the previous action, enter the triangle extended inhalation, turn the toes of the left foot to the left, straighten the left leg, and the toes of the right foot to the front, inhale, exhale with both hands flat on both sides, tighten the core, bend the body to the left side, put the left hand on the front of the calf, extend the right hand upward, turn the head to the right hand, stop for 5-8 breaths.

7 exit from the previous action, enter the warrior two-way inhalation, and rotate the left hip outward, The knee is vertical, the tip of the right heel is facing forward, the right leg is straightened, the inner thigh is raised, the hands are extended to both sides, the chest is opened, the head is turned to the left hand, and the rest is 5-8 breathing movements.

5-7 change the opposite side exercise 8.

Exit from the warrior pose, enter the inclined plank exhalation, put the weight on the left hand, turn the body to the right, and the right hand is upward into the side plank, and the left hip is raised, and the rest is 5-8 breathing, and change the other side tips: the last side plank, It’s still a little difficult for beginners.

If you can’t finish it, you can practice the first seven actions first.

After reading it, please watch it before you leave 👍。.

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