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If you want to make rapid progress in yoga, the core of physical fitness must be practiced regularly!

Please pay attention to yoga for free.

Ga people often ask, teacher, I have practiced yoga for several years, and my flexibility is OK, but the slightly difficult poses that need core strength are a little hard, and the difficult poses are even more difficult to try…

What should I do if the intensity of courses is slightly higher, I often feel tired, breathless, and my physical strength is not up to standard? In fact, yoga people with certain experience know that in the early stage of yoga, people may pay more attention to flexibility, but in the later stage, if they really want to practice yoga well and advance, they must have strong core strength and physical strength to support.

Without core strength, it is difficult to do difficult poses.

Without physical ability, people will be tired and weak after practising for a long time, which will seriously affect their progress.

Therefore, if you want to practice yoga and transform from a beginner, you must always practice core and physical fitness.

Today, I would like to share a set of core physical exercises with you.

Those who want to advance and transform must practice regularly! Warm up for Sunday a: action 1: come to the side panel pose, inhale and lift the left leg up first, exhale and stretch the left leg forward 90 °, exhale and return to the side panel pose with both legs together, repeat for 10 times, and Practice on the other side.

Action 2: from the diagonal pose, exhale and bend the elbow, while the right knee touches the right elbow, inhale and return to the diagonal pose, and repeat for 10 groups left and right alternately.

Action 3: come to the elbow support, Alternately bend the knee close to the ground and repeat 10 groups of actions 4: come to the side elbow support, extend the left hand upward and exhale the left arm to support the ground, and alternate 10 groups of actions 5: jump forward from the slant board, inhale, and the knee touches the back of the big arm and exhale and jump back to the slant board.

Repeat 10 groups of actions 6: come to the elbow support, exhale and push the heel forward, and exhale the shoulder forward over the wrist and backward.

Repeat 10 groups of actions 7: come to the slant board, Inhale the right leg upward, exhale the knee forward and close to the chest for 10 times, change sides exercise action 8: come to the diagonal plate, inhale the left hand upward, and extend the right leg to the left side by 90 °, alternating about 10 groups of action 9: come to the diagonal plate, exhale the hands straight forward, exhale back to the diagonal plate, and repeat 10 groups of action 10: come to the elbow plate support, exhale the hips to the right, sink, and inhale back to the right, Exhale, turn your hips to the left and sink, repeat 10 sets of actions XI: come to the side elbow plate support, inhale, extend your left hand forward, stretch your left leg backward, exhale, bend your elbow and knee, and repeat 10 times when your knee touches your elbow.

Change sides to practice actions XII: come to the elbow plate support, stretch your right hand forward, exhale backward, and then fall back to the elbow plate support.

Alternate 10 sets of actions XIII: come to the side elbow plate support, Exhale and bend your left hand through the lower part of your body.

Repeat for 10 groups.

It is recommended to practice on the other side every day.

Not only can you practice your core strength, but also you can practice your waistcoat line carelessly, and you can get rid of the bye meat!..

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